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Posted by:
John Scocozzo
2/10/2021 6:51:55 AM

Welcome to MG Club South Western Ohio Centre's Virtual Garage! -- our on-line resource for sharing knowledge of British Cars.

The forum is for discussions directly related to the care, restoration and use of British cars.

The administrators of this site are not responsible for the content of any post. We reserve the right to remove posts or entire threads that are not in keeping with our guidelines. If you have any questions regarding the forum, feel free to contact the webmaster.

You can browse the forums and comment threads without being logged in or have an account.

You have to be a registered member to create forum topics and add comments to the topic thread. Related photos (jpg) can be uploaded with a comment.

Registration is an easy three step process
1. Register your email address and create a login
2. Verify your email address
3. Be approved by the webmaster


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