Summer Picnic at the Goodman's 8-10-08

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Picnic 01 Picnic 02 Picnic 03 Picnic 04 Picnic 05
MGs Panorama We came for the Cars         Estell's MGB Good Friends John Barton's TF
Picnic 06 Picnic 07 Picnic 08 Picnic 09 Picnic 10
MG Lineup Made in the Shade         Hostess Kathy Goodman Host Dick Goodman Picnicking
Picnic 11 Picnic 12 Picnic 13 Picnic 14 Picnic 15
Skip Roasts Terry Looft Louie Roasts Terry Looft         Ron Roasts Terry Looft         Ryan takes aeriel shots         Picnickers        
Picnic 16 Picnic 17 Picnic 18 Picnic 19 Picnic 20
MGs as viewed from above Looking over Gribler's MGA The Lotus and MG V8 gang         Good Friends

Good Friends

Picnic 21 Picnic 22      
So Ron could be in a picture too         Loaded for bear-- or rather beer?